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Welcome to Special Events Online! The City of Pasadena has established an office to help you coordinate the various approvals and logistics required for holding events on public property targeted primarily to the general public.

The Pasadena Special Events Office annually manages 80 major public events a year such as community festivals, parades, sporting events, award shows, car shows & more! Pasadena is proud to host a variety of events including the Pasadena Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, Make Music Pasadena and the world-famous Tournament of Roses Parade.

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Special Events Process, Fees and FAQs


Special Events Inquiry Sheet & Application Process

Before we can approve for your event, we need more information from you. Please complete a Special Event Inquiry Sheet to provide us more information about your proposed event.

Depending on the size and scope of your event, applications must be received anywhere from 6 weeks to 9 months prior to your event day.

Once you complete the Special Event Inquiry Sheet, please forward it to one of the following City Departments depending on the type of event proposed:

Large-scale Events

Economic Development Large-scale events that bring visitors to the City and promote Pasadena as a tourist destination are managed by the Economic Development Division.
(Examples include: Tournament of Roses Post Parade, Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, Make Music Pasadena, Concourso Ferrari, & the Doo Dah Parade).

Special Events Inquiry Sheet

Michelle Garrett
Special Events Manager
(626) 744-7216

Community-oriented Events

Human Services & Recreation Events that are more local in nature and geared towards a particular constituency are coordinated by the Human Services & Recreation Department.
(Examples include: 5k’s, cultural festivals, church picnics, and non-profit fundraisers).

Human Services Inquiry Sheet

Kenny James
Recreation Supervisor
(626) 744-7509

City Hall Events

Public Works Department Weddings and private events at City Hall in the courtyard and rotunda are coordinated by the Public Works Department.

Alexis Shaidnagle
Operations Assistant
(626) 744-4195

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Special Event Fees – Effictive July 1, 2012

The General Fee Schedule is adopted by City Council annually and becomes effective on July 1st of each year. Please check off all of the fees that apply to your proposed event to create an estimate for any potential event fees. Hourly public safety personnel fees (police & fire) are not listed below. Please submit an event application to obtain an estimate of these fees.

Below are the base fees associated with rentals of the various locations (Public Right-of-Way, Parks, & City Hall). Permit fees for all other aspects of an event (amplified sound, tents, food vendors, electrical, stage, etc.) follow behind the locations.

Events in the Public Right-Of-Way

Temporary Street Closure

$42.53 (Non-Profit)
$85.06 (Commercial)

Public Works Admin Processing Fee


Traffic Control Plan Review

At Cost

Barricade Delivery

$420.99 (One City Block)
$691.28 (Multiple Blocks)

Barricade Pick-Up & Return @ City Yards

Free (Local Non-Profit)

Water Barricade Operation

Barricades: $691.28
Hydrant Connection Fee: $150
Fire Engine: $194.61
Police Personnel: $325
Water Barricade Total: $1,360.89

No Parking Signs

$1.25 per sign

No Parking Signs (Pre-Printed)

$42.50 (Set-Up Fee)
$2.00 per sign (< 100 Signs) $1.40 per sign (> 101 Signs)

Parking Meters (Old Pasadena & Civic Center)

At Cost (.75 – $1.25 per hour)

Parking Meters (Centennial Square)

At Cost ($1.25 per hour)

Parking Meters (South Lake)

At Cost ($1.00 per hour)

Public Works Deposit or Sundry

At Cost (depends on size and scope of event)

Colorado Bridge Rental

$6,266 (daily event rate)
$4,699 (daily set-up & strike rate)

Events in Parks

Area H/Brookside

$50 per hour (local non-profit)
$100 per hour (non-local non-profit)
$150 per hour (local commercial)
$200 per hour (non-local commercial)
$50 per hour (resident)

All Other Parks (local non-profit)

$60 per hour (local non-profit)
$120 per hour (non-local non-profit)
$180 per hour (local commercial)
$240 per hour (non-local commercial)
$60 per hour (resident)
$180 (non-resident)

Park Rentals for commercially sponsored events providing free activities or services open to the public (non-city sponsored)

50% of total rental costs

Parks Event Monitors

$31 per hour (Regular Park Attendant)
$33 per hour (Sound Monitor)
$31 per hour (Alcohol Monitor)

Park Security Deposit

$225- $5,000 depending on size and scope of event

*City Hall & Centennial Square Events

*City Hall Rentals Are a 4 Hour Minimum

City Hall Courtyard/Rotunda Rental (local non-profit)

$310.18 per hour (local non-profit)
$466.84 per hour (non-local non-profit)
$310.18 per hour (resident)
$623.50 per hour (non-resident)
$623.50 per hour (local commercial)
$946.21 per hour (non-local commercial)

City Hall Courtyard/Rotunda Set-Up & Clean-Up Rates

$130.55 per hour (local non-profit)
$196.34 per hour (non-local non-profit)
$130.55 per hour (resident)
$196.34 per hour (non-resident)
$196.34 per hour (local commercial)
$196.34 per hour (non-local commercial)

City Hall Courtyard/Rotunda Refundable Cleaning Security Deposit

$783.29 per hour

City Hall Courtyard/Rotunda Fountain Alterations


City Hall Electrician (Basic Electrical Requests)


City Hall Trash & Recycling (includes 2 recycling & 2 regular toters)


City Hall Administrative Processing Fee


City Hall Courtyard/Rotunda Restroom Cleanup & Restocking Fee


City Hall Event/Sound Monitor

$42.25 per hour

City Hall Event Alcohol Monitor

$33 per hour

City Hall Courtyard Security Guard (when restroom is open and City Hall is not)

$15.64 per hour (for first 8 hours)
$23.46 per hour (thereafter)

Alcohol Sales or Service

Alcohol Permit (City permission letter for all City facilities, ABC Permit applied for separately)

$71 per day

Alcohol Monitor

$33 per hour

Amplified Sound Permits

$88.94 (commercial)
$9 (non-profit)

Sound Monitor

$33.00 – $49.80 (depending on location)

Event Infrastructure

Cardboard Event Trash Boxes

$3.00 each

Dumpster Rental

$92.95 per 3 yard
$426.90 per 10 yard
$433.95 per 30 yard

Generator Permit (Permit required regardless if Ground Rod is used)

$33.00 (up to 100 kVA)
$38.00 (over 100 kVA)

Generator Permit Processing Fee


Generator Permit Inspections (outside normal business hours)


Stage Permits

Based on total value of project

Tent Permits

$198 (100-450 sq. ft)
$396 (451-3,500 sq. ft.)
$792 (3,501- 25,000 sq ft.)
$1584 (25,001 sq ft+)

Food Vendors

Health Inspection- Food Stand (one-day special event permit)


Business License- Food Stand (one-day special event permit)

$98.28 per booth (+ $19.66 per each additional person in booth)

Health Inspection Annual Permit- Food Stand (site-specific to one location)


Business License Annual Permit- Food Stand (site specific to one location)

$297.81 per booth (+ $59.57 per each additional person in booth)

Health Inspection – Food Vehicle Annual Permit


Business License – Food Vehicle Annual Permit


Health Inspection – Food Vehicle (one-day special event permit)


Business License – Food Vehicle (one-day special event permit)


Fire Department Open Flame Permit

$198.00 (blanket permit)

General Merchandise Vendors & Sponsor Booths

Business License- Vendor or Sponsor with general merchandise, information, advertisements (one time special event)
$49.14 per vendor (+ $9.82 per each additional person in booth)
* Non-Profits free with proof of 501(c)3 Status

Business License Annual Permit- Vendor or Sponsor with general merchandise, information, advertisements
$148.91 per booth (+ $29.78 per each additional person in booth)

Business License Special Event Masseuse (background check required by Police Department)
$49.14 (+$9.82 per each additional employee)

Live Animal Permit (requires approval by Environmental Health Division)

Special Events Coordination Fee


Notice of Exemption Filing Fee (LA County Clerk)

Petting Zoo

$178.11 (Business License Fee)
$0 (Health Fee)

Street Banner Permit (insurance required along with permission from property owners)

Temporary Conditional Use Permit


Valet Special Event Permit


Valet Special Event Permit Sponsor or Operator


Valet Application Processing


New Year’s Vendor Permits

New Year’s Food Vendor

$222 (Health Permit)
$119.76 (Business License)

New Year’s Day Foot Peddler

$80 (Health Permit)
$79.89 (Business License)

Public Safety Review

Fire Inspection

$198.00 per event

Fire Plan Check


Fire Administrative Processing Fee


Fire Standby Officer

$198.00 per hour

EMS Bike Team or Ambulance

Submission of Event Inquiry Sheet & Event Plan required prior to creating cost estimate

Police Personnel

Submission of Event Inquiry Sheet & Event Plan required prior to creating cost estimate


Special Events FAQ’s

Special Event Permit Process

What kinds of events require special event permits?

Events that are open to the general public and take place within the public right-of-way or are located within a park would be coordinated through the special event permit process. Typically, these events require permits, licenses and approvals from several City departments depending on the size and nature of the special event.

How do I get a permit to hold a special event in Pasadena?

To initiate the special event permitting process, please complete the “Special Event Inquiry Sheet” available online at www.cityofpasadena.net/events. Email the completed inquiry sheet to .  Please note that the acceptance of your applications should in no way be construed as final approval of your event. The City of Pasadena requires that event applications be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of the proposed event date. Events with major impacts must be submitted 9 months in advance.

What happens after I submit my special event permit application?

Once your Inquiry Sheet has been received by the Special Events Office you will be contacted to discuss your event proposal. Copies of the application will be distributed to all city departments impacted by your event. A coordinating meeting may be held to clarify questions and ensure that you are meeting all of the requirements of the special event permitting process. During the coordinating meeting you will be notified if your event requires any additional information, permits, licenses or certificates.

If an event is on private property, what kinds of permits do I need?

A special event permit is not required for events that take place on private property. Depending on the nature of the event, various permits may be required including the following:

If you will have food sales please contact the Health Department for a Health Permit at (626) 744-6064.
If the food vendor is using open flame or cooking equipment, please contact the Fire Department for an Open Flame Permit at (626) 744-4668.
If you will have tents a Tent Permit is required from the Permit Center at (626) 744-6777.
If you are using amplified sound you must adhere to the City’s noise ordinance regarding hours of amplified sound and sound decibel limitations.
Please contact the Police Department’s Event Planning Section at (626) 744-4623 if you would like to hire Police Officers for your event. You may also contact the Watch Commander at (626) 744-4501 the morning of your event to notify them that the activity is taking place.

How do I get a permit to hold my wedding or private reception at City Hall?

Please contact the Public Works Department for date availability, reservations, and applications for City Hall events. Public Works can be reached at (626) 744-4195.

How do I get a permit to take wedding or private photography at City Hall?

Please contact the Film Office to obtain a Private Photography Permit for City Hall. The Film Office can be reached at (626) 744-3964.

How can I become a vendor at a special event?

Vendors interested in participating at a special event must contact the event sponsor or promoter directly and apply to be a vendor at their event. Contact information for event sponsors/promoters can be found on the events calendar at www.cityofpasadena.net/events. Once you’re accepted to be a vendor at a special event, you must apply for a business license from the Business license Office.

How can I become a vendor at the Rose Parade?

Vendors interested in vending during the Rose Parade must apply for a New Year’s Vendor Permit which can be obtained from the Business License Office at (626) 744-4166.

What kind of permit do I need to complete for a neighborhood block party?

Neighborhood block parties require a Public Right-of-Way Permit Application from the Public Works Department 744-4195.