Tech Incentives

Incentives for Research & Development Companies

Home to an incredible mix of public and private research interests, Pasadena has emerged as one of California’s most innovative technology areas.

In recent years, the City of Pasadena has increased efforts to encourage the growth of local technology companies. Part of this effort has included coordination with the state and changes in local polices that can result in savings to both entrepreneurs and those who build flexible research and development space.

Citywide Incentives for R&D

Incentives include priority plan check review and fee reductions (Construction Tax waiver) for research and development improvement projects throughout the City.

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Pasadena’s Fiber Services for business

The City of Pasadena owns and operates approximately 50 miles of fiber network within Pasadena.  The fiber infrastructure supports City business and transportation operations, and also provides the foundation for a variety of business-oriented services that the City offers currently and plans to expand in the future.  Currently the City does not provide service in residential areas.